"The professional sporting landscape has forever been littered with the carcasses of punctured heroes. Yet . . . no jock in modern lore has traveled a rise-and-fall path quite as jarring—and oddly riveting—as Lenny Dykstra."

—Jeff Pearlman, MAXIM




For the first time, Lenny Dykstra shares the controversial lows and highs of his tumultuous career, including battling through crippling pain and drug addiction, to being on the forefront of steroid use, to a life of indulgence that included private Maybach Gulfstream jets and presidential suites, until his epic plunge, losing it all and landing in jail. Lenny Dykstra shoots straight from the heart, examining whether his hard-charging, risk-it-all nature responsible for his success in baseball, was the very thing that led him to his precipitous fall from grace. Written in a raw, engaging manner that will make you feel like you're in the locker room and on the road with his infamous 86 Mets team and the motley crew of Philadelphia Phillies, Lenny Dykstra invites you on an incredible journey.  One that whiplashes between the heights and the abyss. 

House of Nails is written with no apologies and nothing left unsaid.